Friday, November 27, 2009

Well...I did it!

This might be a short entry today because...I'm just tired sorry!

Today, I did something that I thought I wasn't going to do at this time...I sent out the first 240-word pitch to the YA novel discovery contest. It's sponsored by and Serendipity Literary Agency. The grand prize winner will receive an opportunity to submit an entire manuscript to Regina Brooks and receive a ten-week writing course for free at The deadline is November 30th at 11:59 ET.

The reason why I thought I would never do it? The deadline ends on January 29th, 2010 and I won't be able to see if I won or not until February 2nd, 2010.

Oh well, I guess you have to be patient when it comes to this kind of stuff. Wish me luck!

P.S. I'll probably do another blog entry tomorrow. Have a lot more to say but can't say it right now.

Friday, November 20, 2009

One crazy Day

My mission: To talk about where I'm headed in my writing.

Where am I?: I'm almost finished with rewriting my latest draft of The electric eel bandit. I have to admit that I'm starting to get a little lost in the rewriting process. My mind has become very foggy on what I should and shouldn't rewrite which is why I began to work on my outline of my second book 'A Dolphin's Dilemma'. I worked on it for the last two days so that I could allow my brain to refresh my creative juices. I think that every once in a while people need a break from what they're working on so that when they get back to it, they can see what mistakes have been made with a fresh pair of eyes.

Don't worry, just because I'm working on an outline for the next book in the Truson S.E.T. series doesn't mean that I'm not going to get back to rewriting the first one. I plan on continuing the rewriting process all the way to the end....starting tomorrow.

And finally: In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to put up a few sample pages of what I'm working on. Well, here it is. Hope you will enjoy it.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving (in case my next blog is on Friday)

Sample Pages of The Electric eel Bandit:


I have to figure out why I died five years ago.

Yes, it’s true that I have a second chance at life, a new beginning to figure out what my next mission is now that I was one of the ten members of the Truson Super Elite Team. I know I have a loving and caring microbiologist who has also been my second mom ever since she brought me back to life when she saw me and my parents washed up on the shores of Hawaii. That was five years ago. Why Dr. Madison decided to save me instead of them is still a mystery I haven’t solved. For the last five years, I was told that my parents (as well as myself) died in a boating accident, end of story.

But for some reason, I knew different.

I knew that the boating accident was no accident. I knew the boat that we originally got on (Me and my parents) blew up and sent me overboard while my parents were killed on impact by the explosion. I knew I tried to swim to shore to save my own life but ended up drowning instead.

Most of all, I know who’s behind it. The question is what am I going to do about it?

My name is Bradford Mayfield and I’m on a mission to find out the truth and will do whatever it takes in order to get it.

Chapter One

I checked to see if I had packed everything I needed before I zipped up the two suitcases that laid in front of me. After I packed up, I stared at the ten faces I was leaving behind and told myself I was coming back no matter what and that no one could ever take me away from the friends I had staring back at me. But there was a mission that had to be done and that mission was to take down the man whom I thought was responsible for killing me and my parents in the first place.

“Do you really have to go all the way to New Jersey in order to solve this stupid murder Bradford? Why can’t you solve the case from here? I heard my professor/microbiologist Dr. Courtney Madison asked as she gently patted my short blond locks on my head. She eventually went from patting them to running her fingers through it before I walked back to grab one of my suitcases.

“Because I need to investigate what went down in Vemmit City and to see if the suspect is a shape shifter or not. C’mon Dr. Madison, you know how this works. I have been doing this for five years, you should become use to it by now,” I said as the rest of the members moved out of my way so I could carry my suitcase towards the door of my guesthouse. “I’m part of the Truson Super Elite Team remember?” Dr. Madison rolled her eyes.

“Yes of course I remember. I was the one who brought you guys back to life!” She pointed her bony little finger at the ten people that were in the room before she adjusted her black-rimmed glasses from falling off of her nose completely. “When I saw some of you people, I didn’t think I could ever bring you guys back from some of the disasters you guys went through, especially you Bradford Mayfield.” I chuckled at the stern but playful tone she gave me as I went back inside my bedroom and grabbed my last suitcase and went towards the door.

“It’s not like I’m bailing out on you guys.” I put my hand on Gabriel’s shoulder as I spoke. “I’m just going to be gone for six months, it’s no big deal.”

“It is when you’re being secretive about a case in which it requires you staying in a new city for six months without any direct contact. Usually when one of us is on the verge of solving a case, we can always call or e-mail each other just to say hello and when the case is over, we rush back to Truson so we could be around people who has our backs twenty-four-seven chico,” Gabriel piped in as he playfully punched me in the arm. I smiled. I knew deep down I could trust these guys with me life but I also knew that I had to do this on my own.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Dominique Gibson and I'm a woman on a mission.

My goal: To finish up the latest draft of my novel and send it out to Literary Agents and Publishers around the country.

My Dream: To write full-time and to have the opportunity for my Young Adult and eventually my romance reading fans to read my work and become insipred by it.

What I'm working on now: I'm working on a 100,000-word YA paranormal novel called The Electric eel Bandit'. It's about a thirteen-year-old boy who's on a mission of his own: To find the man that's responsible for killing him and his parents in a boating accident. While he's on his mission, He runs into a lot of trouble along the way invovling love, enemies, and even his mentor and second mom Dr. Madison.

What I may be leaving out: That my main character is a shapeshifter who came back to life by a science experiment that goes back thousands of years and that Dr. Madison is the woman who brought him back to life after she found him washed up on the shore.

A little bit about Me: I'm a college Graduate who has a B.A. in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago. When I'm not writing, I spend way too much time watching soap operas, The vampire diaries, and reading about vampires (Twilight anyone?). I have been writing ever since I was eight-years-old.

My mission for this post: To reach out not only to aspiring writers who are trying to get published like I am, but to reach out to everyone who has a mission of their own. I would love for people post what their on goals and missions are on achieveing their dreams whether it's writing, fashion design, computers, etc. I would love to hear from you.

Dominique Gibson

P.S. , I will have the opportunity to post my sample chapter of my novel in the next few days.