Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's over, Bandit, and writing in multiple genres

Hello, everyone:

I know, I suck at this whole blog thing but I've been really busy with finals and getting my grades together for the spring semester. This is actually the first week of me being at home all day since I don't know how long and I'm starting to get really lazy and bored. Can you believe that??? I can. Anyways, I'm still working on Bandit. I'm even thinking about rewriting my second book 'Addicted' so that it could at least be halfway done when I go back to school. I don't know what the future holds for me but one thing's for sure: I'm not going to give up writing my novels. As a matter of fact, I'm even thinking about writing in multiple genres this summer in case I don't make it as a YA author (Right now, my goal is to be a YA/middle grade author and from the way my books are going, it looks like I'm going to try my very best to achieve that goal for awhile before I switch to another genre).

There are so many things I have to do that it's driving me crazy. I have to continue finishing up Twilight and type up all of my journal entries to my blog to let the rest of the world know how my creative process works whenver I read and reread a book to improve my writing. I know, I know, I've been behind on a lot of things but going to the same class twice a week can do that to you! Anyways, I also planned on posting some short stories on my blog so that people can view it and post thier comments on my page. Better yet, I can post my short stories for literary agents to see as well. Like I said, so many ideas, so little time.

On top of everything else, I've come to a decision about my other future after I graduate for my community college in chicago. I've decided to go forward with my plans on becoming a special needs teacher. Two years from now, I will offically graduate with an A.A. in Early Childhood Education and go for my master's in special education so I'll be able to inspire kids with special needs that their disability shouldn't stop them from what they want to do in life.

Well, I have to get going. I'm already too far behind as it is. See ya.