Friday, May 27, 2011

One chapter down, nine more chapters to go, Master degree in elementary education


After everything I tried to do over the last couple of weeks, I managed not to do much work this week and I still can't understand why. I wrote and re-wrote chapter six of my novel and now here I am, reading it over again knowing that it won't be perfect from my point-of-view. It's crazy. But I'm going to keep plowing through the first five chapters by re-reading over again so I'll know my story will stay consisent with what I'm working on so far. I'll just have to remember to slow the scenes down for the rest of my book.

I thought I could write my whole entry today but I'm getting so sleepy it's ridiculous. I can't function like this. My eyes are drooping and my body feels like it's gong to collapse so I'm going to end this really short and say good-night to this entry and continue it some other time.