Sunday, December 19, 2010

I did it with chapter one of Bandit, writing down new words from twilight

Hello everyone, Just came by to tell you the great news. A long time ago, I tried to rewrite my first novel called An Unlikely Reunion. I rewrote it so many times that by the time I finished it, I wanted to lock it in the closet and never take it out again (Yes, there were a few times where I might have been temepted but I still kept my word). As of today, I managed to write the third rewrite of the bandit, read it, correct any mistakes I made from the third rewrite into the fourth rewrite and no complaints!!! I even managed to let go of the fourth rewrite and go back to doing the third rewrite of chapter two!!!! YIPEEEEE! This means that I'm capable of writing and rewriting my work as I go! This means that I could have a faster first and second draft with every manuscript I do. I hope that this never ends!

Okay, enough of that.

I know there are people out there who's sick and tired of me talking about twilight but I've decided to add some words that I've learned from the first book to enchance my story in the bandit. I'm probably only going to do a few words until my next blog entry. Hope you enjoy!

First ten words from chapters 1-3 of twilight:

Omnipresent - The quality of being everywhere present at the same time: ubiquity.

Verbose - Using or containing a wearisome and unnecessary number of words; wordy.

Scarcity - Scantiness, insufficiency; lack of necessities; dearth.

Permeable - To spread or diffuse through, to pass through the pore’s or interstices of, to penetrate something.

Scanty - Limited in extent; Small, close; cramped. Restricted in quantity or number; scarely sufficient. Sparing.

Pallid - Of a pale or wan appearance; feeble in color.

Nostalgically - Severe or poignant homesickness. Any longing for something far away or long ago.

Idling - Not occupied; doing nothing. Averse to labor; lazy. Affording leisure. Without effect; useless; unavailing; Mech. To Operate without transmitting power, usually, at reduced speed; said of motors and machines.

Gangly - Awkwardly tall and loosely built.

Prattled - To talk foolishly or like a child; prate. To utter in a foolish and a childish way; to prattle secrets. Childish speech; babble. Idle or foolish talk.