Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Articles on rewrites, self-publishing and Bandit


I've decided not to talk about my personal life since they have deemed it 'unprofessional' to talk about your whole entire life on a blog. I'll try my best to listen to the rules they state about being a professional on the blog but I have to admit that it won't be easy.

Onto the writing news.

I just recently browsed these two great blogs today and found a lot of fascinating stuff that makes my head spin. The first one I discovered was an entry about self-publishing. Authors are taking over the self-publishing world by taking control of their own destiny and getting paid huge amounts of dollars for it. They're being noticed by major publishers and literary agents based on thier marketing abilites.


I remember the days when self-publishing wasn't in the traditional book publishers category. There were exceptions true enough (Eragon, Virgina woolf, Rudyard Kilping) but overall, literary agents and publishers forwned whenver you mentioned the word 'self-publishing' in your query letter (I think they still do) but now it seems like an everyday norm. Makes me want to think twice about going the traditional route of how to publish my book. I mean, if I have to promote my book myself, I might as well pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to get it published right?
Who knows? If I try to self-publish it for hundreds of dollars and promote it (Provided that I get a book doctor to look at my inconsisent mistakes I keep making in my novel) I may make more money on the other side of the equation.

If you want more information on this article, you can find it here. Speaking of articles, I found another website that focuses on the one subject I'm currently doing right now with 'Bandit': Rewrites. You can find the article here

Make sure you check out the websites. I think it could be good for your writing career.