Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three more chapters to go before the completion of Bandit, confusion on what I want

I was supposed to do this entry sooner but I’ve been too busy writing and reading books that provided me with great ideas on how to improve the novel I’m working on. I just recently read a very old book called The vampire Memoirs by Mara Mccuniff (who just so happens to be the main character of the book) and Traci Briery (the author herself). The book is about Mara’s incredible journey from the time she was born back in the 4th century (in case you’re wondering, she was born and raised in Britain and had a father that wasn’t very kind to her half of the time) to how she landed in Los Angeles. It tells the story of how Mara became the human daughter, wife, and mother that the readers adored to the smart and slightly nieve vampire the readers basically feels sorry for.

In the book, Mara turns into a vampire unwillingly by a slime ball of a master who been roaming around the earth, killing innocent women and turning them into slaves for years. After the master (I think his name was Arygar) kills Mara’s husband during a special dinner event (I can’t think of what it was exactly but it had something to do with politics), Arygar takes it upon himself to bite Mara and turn her into his vampire bride forever…without her consent. Despite his attempts to swoon Mara into making love to him, All Mara wants to do is escape and that’s exactly what she does.

I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to give too much away even though the book is out of print. There might still be a way to read it at your local library if it’s possible. Besides, there are other things on my mind right now besides talking about the vampire memoirs. I’ve always dealt with this problem every time I’m getting closer to finishing a manuscript. I always write in one particular genre the whole way through whenever I’m writing. For awhile, focusing on one manuscript at a time worked for me but now I want to tackle another idea…in a different genre. I always hate it when this happens because I feel like if I tackle a new genre and start working on another project that I’ll be abandoning the previous project I’m working on.

Don’t get me wrong, I know form the bottom of my soul that I’m going to finish my first book for the Truson Super Elite Team series (three more chapters left to go? C’mon!) and I’m even working on the outline for the second book of the series but I can’t help but wonder what could happen if I spread my wings and tried to do something in a different genre. Who knows? If my YA novel doesn’t work out, I may have a future in another genre (By the way, I’ve decided NOT to disclose this information on which genre I want to attack for fear I might not go through with it if I do).

Overall, I’m going to stick with my original plan of writing YA but if that doesn’t work out, wouldn’t it be best to try something else just in case things don’t go as planned?

Sigh. Shrug.